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Predators hunt preys

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    What should I read to solve this problem well ?

    Please help gurus..

    Thanks a lot
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    The Eagle Has Landed; Tiger Rising; Panther for UNIX Geeks; and Big, Bad Wolf.
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    It wouldn't hurt to read up on Lotke-Volterra equations either..
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    http://citeseer.nj.nec.com/context/42049/21714 [Broken]
    That article has some useful points for your project. Citeseer has lots of good articles and nice tutorials. Get there and search for them

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    link didnt work for me. i think the server is down. i found a mirror, but since i didnt know the title of the article and the /context/42049/21714 didnt match a known article on the mirror i cant make a link that works either.

    i get no response when i ping citeseer.nj.nec.com i get a time out.
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    Sorry, no [www] in the URL.
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    this is with the whole 100 meter thing... if and when you take a high level calculus class, you will note that this phenom. happens. it is quite cool to see it happen with a formula, and it does converge to 1. just as they were saying 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, ... 1/n, will go to 1. sorry, had to put that in there b/c it is awesome. :smile:
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