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Preparation for real analysis

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    I'm likely taking an introductory real analysis course in the fall, and I was wondering what supplementary material I should look into. I'm working my way through Velleman's proofs book, what else would you recommend as a supplement to a first course in RA?
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    I've also watched a few videos of those Harvey Mudd lectures. How well are you following the Rudin book? Have you had a proofs course before?
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    Velleman book is good. But, real analysis is just knowing how to set up the question. I doubt you will do any real analysis if you need to work through Vellemans book. You probably are doing more sequences and series. So you don't worry.

    I only really did Real analysis in my second year and that was with complex analysis joined together.

    Don't even waste your time trying to read Rudin book. You probably won't need it as it's an introduction to real analysis course. Secondly, you would fail badly even to read the first chapter. Literally if you need to read a book on how to prove stuff then this isn't your book.

    Personally I think Rudin book is god awful. It's old as hell and is pretty outdated. Guide to Analysis is probably better for you if you want to buy a book.
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    I'm only using Velleman to catch up to the students that might have taken proof-based math classes before.

    Thanks for the advice. Who's the author of "Guide to Analysis"?
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    I am reading, making notes and try to prove any theorem he doesn't. I am almost done with the first two chapters. Didn't do many end of chapter problems though. I had proofs in other courses but not any proof heavy course.

    Are you sure you are thinking about the same book. I am talking about the blue cover Rubin not the green graduate analysis text. This one seems pretty standard for a first course in real analysis.
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