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Preparing for Ohio State Electrical Engineering

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    I've been reading Physics Forums for only a couple of weeks now. And from what I've read, this would be a really great place to gather some helpful advice for going back to college. I was hoping you folks could lend a hand.

    I graduated high school in 2000 with a good GPA. I have an Associates Degree in Graphic Design (I know, completely unrelated).

    I held off on a bachelors degree program because I honestly didn't feel I was ready. Now that I've wound down and have the partying out of me, I'm ready to prepare for college.

    I've been studying/reviewing geometry, trig and calculus and I'm going to be starting to move on to physics. All self study using text books and any material I can get my hands on.

    Current books I'm going through are:
    * Teach Yourself Electricity & Electronics
    * TAB's Guide to understanding Electricity & Electronics
    * The Art of Electronics
    * Calculus Demystified

    This is pretty much how I send my free time because I want to be ready for going back to school, plus I really enjoy learning new things anyway.

    The first two books above are pretty easy reading - I've picked up some good information. I'm pretty sure "The Art of Electronics" is going my make my eyes bleed within the week, and I'm loving Calculus Demystified so far.

    I never took the SAT's since I didn't need to for my Associates. I'm thinking about taking them just to get myself into the swing of things again.

    My main question is how can I prepare myself for this? What should I be studying? What should I focus on and have a good grasp of before I gear up and go back to school?

    Any ideas on books or resources that will help a perspective EE student 5 years out of high school prepare for such a greuling journey?

    Thanks for any suggestions!
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    I found a great list of course listings on the department's site. I've been able to pull a good amount of infomation for each of the classes I plan on taking, including what what to review and have a good understanding of.

    I guess this was a rather strange post. I just figured I'd reply incase someone else was in my situation.


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    I'm not sure about preparing for university, but if you or anybody else wish to prepare for the SAT's, I have a book to recommend.

    It's called "Cracking the New SAT (2206 Edition)" and it's published by The Princeton Review. So far it has helped me loads, it doesn't just help you prepare for the material on the SAT, it teaches you HOW to write the SAT, the tricks the SAT publishers try to use to fool students etc.. It also includes 7 practice SAT's...so you can't go wrong!

    Just thought I'd share that with everyone.
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    I probably wouldn't worry too much about the electricity stuff (it is a good idea to get your feet in the water though). Focus mainly on the math and physics for now.

    When are you thinking about going to Ohio state? That matters a lot in giving you an answer to your question.
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    There's a few thing that have not been made clear.

    When are you applying to Ohio State, and why are you sure you will be accepted ? Or have you already been accepted and are going to start classes next month ?

    Oh, and by the way... GO BUCKS !! :biggrin:
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    Haha yes! Thanks for the suggestions.

    I'm actually planning on attenting Winter quarter starting January 3rd.

    I'm starting to fill out my forms and have an appointment to talk to a counselor.
    As far as getting in, I really don't believe that will be an issue. I'll have to take my core classes and apply for the engineering school.

    They accept applicants with a 3.0+ and work from there with a cap of 200 students a year. To stay in the engineering college I would have to maintain good standing and I believe a 2.5+

    I've been told to work with linear algebra too.
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