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I Pressure from a fluid on a solid piece of metal

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    I'm curious if anyone knows of a good video of an extreme amount of pressure being applied to a sold amount of metal or other dense object. We're learning about fluids in my class, and naturally we discussed submarines, empty bottles, etc. but everything mentioned seemed to be hollow on the inside. Such that as you go deeper you can see that the object will compress and eventually fracture I suppose. Of course I have no means to conduct the experiment myself, but I'm curious what would happen to an solid object that is also very dense.
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    Simon Bridge

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    Under ocean pressures, do not expect observable compression of a dense solid like steel ... you can get much higher pressures, but the dominant effect would be to make the steel hot.

    ... 20-30GPa pressure can get compressions up to 25% (usually using explosives)...[1]
    By comparison, the water pressure at the bottom of the mariana trench is roughly 1.1MPa or 0.0011GPa. [2]

    [1] http://maeresearch.ucsd.edu/~vlubarda/research/pdfpapers/ijss-86.pdf
    [2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orders_of_magnitude_(pressure)
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