Pressure in fluids and Pascal's law.

  1. I have a lot of confusion and I hope someone can help me in clearing my doubts.
    considering a right cylindrical container with a liquid filled in ,if we take two points, y1 and y2(near the bottom)

    1) first of all I thought that pressure inside a fluid arose because of the weight of the fluid column and it was always in the downward direction.but now I find it's in the upward direction too? (is this only when an object is introduced?!)

    2) does the Pascal's law that pressure at any point in a fluid is same, work only when the weight of the fluid column is not considered right?

    3)if I have a container with some liquid and a piston on the top, I attach another parallel cylinder to it's side with a piston. now when I push the first piston, shouldn't the pressure move only in the downward direction? but we see that it travels sideways and pops the other piston out. how?
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    The force of pressure at any point acts equally in all directions.

    No. The Law includes the pressure from weight of the fluid column:'s_law#Definition

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