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B Pressure of Bose-Einstein condensate

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    I was wondering, if cooled sodium or rubidium atoms behave as bosons, can they also occupy the same space?

    I tried to google a bit, but as usual, articles throw letters like ##\beta##, ##s##, ##\lambda##, ##g## around without bothering to at least give them a name so I could search deeper. I hope this question can be answered without me becoming an expert on the subject...o0)
    In particular, what is the maximum density a BEC can have, in theory (with pressure say 1MPa and temperature 0K), and in practice?
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    No. After all, they are still made up of electrons being fermions. So they will behave something like hard-core bosons.
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    Atomic BECs are very low density. What is the normal state of alkali atoms at some nK? Solid, of course. So the only way to get a BEC is to work in conditions where the atoms don't simply crystallize as you cool them down, which means that 3-body collisions are to be avoided, which can only be done with dilute gases.
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