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Preventing them from closing tabs when a post is being written

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    Hi! I was just writing a quite long reply to a thread I have started, when I got a brain fart and suddenly closed the tab in which I had the thread open. I lost all the text I had written, including a lot of discussion and a couple of links to different research papers. I couldn't retrieve anything. Doh. I wish that this forum would warn users before closing a tab in which they have started to write a post, in order to save them from their own stupidity (in my case it is obviously necessary). Thanks!
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    I would expect a warning about closing a browser tab would be from your browser.
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    Can the website even do this?
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    Sort of, but it's extremely problematic.
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    If I'm writing a long reply I always C&P regularly, sometimes into a word doc.
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    Yeah, that's a good habit, but usually I think that I will just write a short post and don't care about doing that. Like now. Then it turns out to become miles long. :P
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    I think it's happened to everyone at one point. If a post I'm writing starts to get long, I select and copy it, just so I have a copy in the cache.
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    That's quite smart too, I should also start doing that.
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    For those who may be unaware of the shortcuts for select-all and copy:

    <Ctrl> a
    <Ctrl> c
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