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Printf debugging

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    Hi there,

    I'm noob at programming. Can anyone explain me why we need printf debugging, how to implement it, and for what is used it?

    Thank you
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    "Printf debugging" is a rather dumb term to describe placing print statements throughout your code, often printing the value of important intermediate calculations, so that you can observe the program's internal behavior.

    - Warren
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    jim mcnamara

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    "instrumentation" may a better, more all-inclusive term.
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    Instrumentation is normally used in situations where you can't get at the code with a debugger but you have accesses to some kind of serial interface to a terminal. Then the printf statements send messages to the terminal. You just enter the printf statements in the code, compile and then look at the results. Enter more printfs, compile and look at the results. It is a SLOW way to debug.

    In most cases, it is easier to simply use an inexpensive debugger and look at the code directly. You can get a Visual Basic or Visual C++ debugger for around $100 these days.
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