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Homework Help: PROBLEM -> Amount of Extension of Spring

  1. Apr 13, 2005 #1
    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

    In order to go stop the coaster at the end of its course, a spring has been installed. When the coaster stops, it stands at 2 m from the ground. If the total distance of the ride is 750 m, the friction is 500 N as before, the spring constant of the spring is 18400 N/m, and the coaster has a speed of 7 m/s at point A, find the amount (extension of spring) by which the spring is compressed when the coaster is brought to a stop.

    I need some hints on how to go about this problem... thanks
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    Leaving out some things aren't you?

    "When the coaster stops, it stands at 2 m from the ground."

    ?? Is the coaster going down? Are we to include gravitational force? Or are just assume the speed was 7 m/s when it hit the final level? Exactly where is point A? Apparently you have a picture that we can't see. "the friction is 500 N as before"- "as before"? What there a previous problem, including information you are not giving us here?
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    Sorry you're right man. My sincere apologies. Here is a diagram:

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