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Problem on Inverse Laplace with Unit Step

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    I have the equation (t-3)u2(t) - (t-2)u3(t) and they want the inverse laplace transformation of this. So basicially I drew out the unit step graph. And i had 0<t<2 --->0; 2<t<3 ---> t-3 and t>3 ----> -1. So then I just did wrote out the laplace transformations and I got

    (s-3)[(-e^-3s)/s + (e^-2s)/s] - (e^-3s)/s

    There is the part where I'm stuck at...I'm not sure if im right regarding this part, but some assistance is definately needed. Thanks guys!

    Jason :smile:
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    I don't understand your notation. What are u2 and u3?

    Also, you said they are asking for the inverse Laplace transform when you're starting in the time domain. Since you're ending up in the s-domain I assume you meant the forward transform.
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