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Problem with integration for WKB approximation

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    problem with integration for WKB approximation in MATLAB

    hi all,
    i have been having troubles with getting matlab to solve the following problem (the language is not the matlab one, the functions are not solvable by the symbolic integration and i was trying to get one of the quad functions to do it)(r1,r2 are numbers):


    As you can see the problem is that inside the cosinues there is an integral that goes from r ( variable of the first integral) to r2, so i can t solve it numerically, because i need it in function of r in order to perform the big integral.

    I thought a couple integral function would exist but i am not able to find any ( the doublequad only works if its only one function integreded twice).

    I hope what i wrote cna be understood, and appreciate your help and time!
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    hi all,
    i found the answer a couple hours ago, even if accuracy hasn t been the best, it is just now a matter of choosing the right integration algorithm withim matlab.
    I have until now write it using quad, basically the principle is that every time the outside integration wants to evaluate the function at a certain point, i evaluate the inner integral starting at that point. i m posting my solution so maybe it can help somebody else, thanks for looking at my post. so the code looks like this:

    solutionTest= quad((@integrand2),r1,r2)

    % then here is integrand 2, the letters are global constants

    function valor = integrand2(r)

    % here i have to see how many steps there are and for each of those i do
    % the numerical integration inside
    steps1 = size(r);
    steps = steps1(1,2);
    % and for each step i perform the integration

    while i <steps+1

    valores(i) = 1./(((Q-calculateVTotal1(r(i))).*2*reducedMass/(hbar^2)).^(1/2))*cos( quad((@integrand1),r(i),r2)).^2;
    valor = valores;

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