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Problem with internet explorer

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    sometimes while I'm using the internet with Internet Explorer browser, suddenlly internet explorer windows opens one after the other and rapidly without stopping..tens of windows open and more till I stop all of that from task manager and ending iexplorer.exe process!!! any information about that? any help?!
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    I experienced that once. Turned out to be some sort of virus or worm that I had to get rid of. Try updating your anti-virus software and then scanning your PC.
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    Yep. That's a virus.
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    Spybot identifies one as Smitfraud_c (not sure about spelling) they have a complicated process for removing it:frown:
    Mine was so bad that i wiped the drive and had to reload windows. But then i'm not very good at software.:redface:
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    Simple answer, Firefox! Soooooo much better. And virus protection.
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