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Calculators Problem with TI89

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    My graphing calculator's screen is degenerating. Up near the top I get blue bands which eventually fade to nothingness, and its spreading downward. Right now the top fifth of my screen is missing. I've only had this calculator for about three years now. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there are any temporary solutions until I get a chance to call TI support.
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    The seal on the lcd display went bad.
    You would have to replace the display to fix it.
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    So.... I'm probably better off just getting a new one right?
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    if you stil have the paperwork that came with it you should be able to find some warranty information. it should still be under warranty so if you can just make that one work until the end of the school year or whatever you can just send it in and they should replace it or fix it for free. i wouldn't spend money buying a new one just yet.
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