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Problem with windows media player 11 ( )

  1. Mar 4, 2007 #1
    problem with windows media player 11 (plz help)

    hi everyone....
    sorry am new in this forum,
    i just wanted to knw that if any one can help me thrugh this problem......
    urmm am Having A problem with windows media player 11.
    i have already installed this window plyaer 11 on my pc, but the problem is am getting a maasage its says validate your copy of windows,to get the window player 11 i must verify that microfost window is genuine...... therefor i cant even uninstall my media.
    so pleas if any one can solve this problem i will be very apriciated to them
    u can reaply me on this add: talk2amit_raulz@hotmail.com
    THANKS once agian for having time with me
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    Oh dear it sounds like you've downloded the microsoft update which looks to see if your running a dodgy unlicenced copy of windows.

    Try removing it from the control panel add remove programs,you may will need to tick the box to see the windows updates.

    if your copy of windows is not genuine you cant install v 11 or the new internet explorer either
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    hey brother, thanks for realpying me...
    i have tryd removing from add and removeing programme but still it dnt let me uninstall media v11,well i hv uninstall it says succefull uninstalation buh phicilly its cums bk on agian wen i restart my pc
    if u knw more information about it then let me knw thanks
  5. Mar 4, 2007 #4
    you have to get rid of Microsoft Genuine Advantage... I know that there is guides for this on the internet.. google "remove Microsoft Genuine Advantage" or something like that I guess
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