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Process engineering mass balance in the douglas aproach

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    Hey guys i was hoping for some help with the mass balance of the equations for the production of styrene from ethylbenzene. I have attached my problem sheet and my answer sheet, q 7 is what i am stuck on please help me i am confused

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    Mole proportions of each species are
    EB= 0.98 - x-y-z
    Styrene= x
    H2= x-z
    Bz = y+0.02, ethylene= y
    Tol and methane= z
    Specify x= 0.3, 0.4, 0.5, 0.6
    Then Figure out y, z as a function of x (two formulas)
    Prorate all the moles above to get the right amount of product.
    Do economics on the products and fuel requirements, to see where you are.
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