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Program that will draw a(t) knowing x(t) in SHM

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    A few days ago I carried out an experiment about Simple harmonic motion. In the attachment I added the scheme of the laboratory.

    I have collected the following data : time(s), displacement(m), velocity(ms-1)

    I can obviously plot the graph of x(t). However, the next task is to draw a graph of a(t).
    As far as I know, I can calculate the acceleration by using first derivative of velocity. Since I have about 300results I am definitely not going to do it manually :D

    Is there any program that I can use to automatically plot the acceleration vs time graph ?
    In class we used 'coachlab II', but that little sucker deleted all the graphs when the device was disconnected and right now I have no access to that software.


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    You can try Labview, Matlab, Origin, or even Excel. Since you already have the data the work is easy.
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    initial displacement = 0,299m



    Since initial displacement is not equal 0, would it be a good idea to calculate it from forumla (initial displacement - displ. at the moment) ?

    Are these correct calculations of acceleration ?
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