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Program to find subgroups

  1. Mar 10, 2010 #1

    I need a program that can give me all the subgroups of a group that I define. I also need it to give me the names of the subgroups as per some predefined library.

    I tried GAP. It gives me the subgroups, but each subgroup is represented by a list of generators. There seems to be no way to make it print a name for the subgroups, like say S4 for symmetric group of four elements.

    In fact, if I give the generators of S4 as input, it cannot identify it and give an output stating that it is S4.

    Any suggestions?
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    I'm confused..how can you say that it doesn't identify S4, when you give it generators of S4 and it tells you it's S4?
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    Yes..you are right..it is possible for GAP t o identify the group as S4..I had read some tutorials on the web which seemed to state that GAP did not have this capability..

    But I got a reply at the GAP forum with this link..


    It has a section named "Identifying Groups"..........
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