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I Program to help calculate an integral

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    I have this integral that I really want to calculate for a personal project (not for school), so I typed it into WolframAlpha and it said that the it took too long to compute and to get it computed I would have to pay money. Is there any free software that may be able to calculate this integral? I can't make online purchases as I do not have a credit card, and I don't think my dad would be too thrilled for me to use his credit card to buy an online calculator (when I have a graphing calculator) just to calculate an integral or two. Plus, I am not positive that it could be calculated with just 2x the computing time.

    If it means anything, here's the integral:
    $$\int_{-\infty}^{\infty}e^{\frac{-(x-b)^2 -(x-c)^2}{2a^2}}\cos(rx)dx$$
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    Wow... I didn't even see that on my google search... Thank you!
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