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Projectile calculations including air resistance and weight

  1. Jan 28, 2010 #1
    Hey guys, I have been working on some calculations to help me with sniping in airsoft. I am working figuring out the angle of inclination I would need to hit targets at different ranges being only a rough outline (I am not too worried about getting into the various calculations such as for air density, other effects such as the Coriolis effects and such.) I am aware of the standard calculations for distance of a projectile my problem with these is that they don't seem to take into consideration the weight of the object which does not seem to be very precise. I was wondering if anyone knew of a similar equation that took into consideration weight, velocity, angle and height of the object since theoretically those variables should be enough to accurately calculate the area in which the object would land. I am not too uptight about air resistance since I am sure a 6mm spherical bb should not have enough area to have its flight path significantly altered by the air resistance and I am going to work on including wind factors later. I know it is very possible that I am completely wrong and am sounding like a total idiot when it comes to this but please tell me if this is not possible. Thanks for the time guys.

    Also a huge bonus would be if someone could give me the formula for the distance an object would drop per meter using the variables of its weight, gravity, velocity and air friction. Thanks again.
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    Oh man, your not gonna like that formula.

    EDIT: Also, wind resistance is everything for a super light ball of plastic at high velocities.
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    Lol I know that, I have been working on it but I can not find any formulas for the viscous friction coefficient, the formula for rotational velocity and the formula for linear velocity. If anyone knows these could you let me know? I am using http://www.bbbastard.com/ATP/" as a basic guideline for it.
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