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Propagation velocity through coax's with different velocity factors?

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    Hi everyone,

    I have been studying transmission lines and it got me thinking.

    If we have a series circuit which has two equal length transmission lines with the same Zo but with different velocity factors how does this effect the wave velocity through the circuit?

    Do the waves travel faster through one line and then slow down and bunch up in the other?

    Does the mismatch in velocity factor produce reflections even through the Zo and length of each line is identical?
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    The reflections on a line are due to changes in line impedance.
    There is no reflection at a change in velocity factor unless there is also a change in impedance.
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    When velocity factor changes, wavelength changes so there is no bunching.
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    The constant here is the period, frequency or pulse repetition rate.

    There is a good analogy with traffic on a road that has an increase in speed limit.
    The vehicles are further apart, but they still have the same time period between vehicles and the same number of vehicles per hour.

    The length of the road or transmission line is not important.
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