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Prove this Metric Space

  1. Sep 30, 2009 #1
    D={z in C | |z|<1}
    e: DxD -> R by e(z,w)=|(z-w)/(1-w'z)| (here the w'=the conjugate of w, not sure how to insert a bar on top of the w). Show that this is a metric space. It's all pretty easy till the triangle inequality (as always though, right?) so that's all I need to focus on. I'm pretty lost on where to start for this one. I've tried several manipulations and even tried working with this all in a+bi form, and never really saw any good place to insert a +/-x and make an inequality. Any help?
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    No help? Maybe this should be moved to Analysis instead of Diff Geom/Topology?
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