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Medical Proving ageing effects on brain through synthesia trends: A High-School Science Fair

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    Hello all,

    I am doing a high-school grade science fair on the effects of aging on synesthesia. Well, at least that's what it tests, but in reality, it's the other way around, almost. Synesthesia, while, indeed, being a genetic condition, is a condition of the brain. Therefore, if the brain is in bad shape, it will show on the synesthesetic experience of the aging individual. Effectively, if the overall trends for synesthesia decrease as the age group increases, the brain does, indeed degenerate as it gets older. And that is what I want to prove.

    I am testing for the second most-common condition, grapheme synesthesia. It's when the brain interperates black&white symbols as being colored.

    I have the feeling that there are things wrong with this experiment, but I'm far too into it to change it at this stage. I do, however really, really need some participants to take the test. It's really quick and simple. Please click on the link I will provide to you below, read the accompanying instructions, and, perhaps, take the 15-second test. I'd be most grateful.

    Grapheme Synthesia Test
    "The purpose of my project is to prove that the brain degrades with age. I will do that by measuring the trends towards synthesia present in different age groups."​

    Brief Abstract​
    Thank you, I really appreciate this! :)
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    I haven't looked at your test yet, but do you only want people who believe they are synaesthetes to participate, or do you need "normal" controls too?
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