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Pulse-Jetsserious or not?

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    I am a student of Mechanical Engineering and plan to do some serious projects in Pulse-Jets. I also plan to apply to some US universities for masters .. and I was wondering if the projects done in Pulse-Jets does count? I know some other hi-tech projects other guys make .. do matter wen they apply .. but am not sure about the buzzing pulse-jets as projects to count on. Maybe becoz they are old and almost out of practical use .. they still fascinate me. The bottomline is: "should I continue with them .. or should look up with something other things .. ?"
    Have already made almost half a dozen of 'em .. but " will matter or not " bothers me .. forcing me to think about quittin' them!!
    Thanx for the support .. nyways!!
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    Just a bump .. to keep this post alive~Can anyone clear me on the "projects" thing?
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    Have you search google for "Pulse Jets", or "Pulsed Jets", or "Pulse","Jets" or "Pulse Jet","NASA"

    It's an old concept going back to the V1 (buzz bomb) in Germany.


    http://rocketsciencebooks.home.att.net/naca-pulse-series.html [Broken]

    Also called "Pulsed Detonation Engines".

    Structure of a pulse jet. II - Energy balance in a transient zone

    One could also try - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse_jet

    http://www.jhuapl.edu/areas/sciencetech/Propulsion/PulseDetonationEngineDevel.asp [Broken]

    NASA Glenn Research Center did have a page on PDE, but it seems to have expired.


    It is perhaps best to learn theory and applications of CFD for a variety of flows and engines.
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    Hey thanx buddy .. thanx for the additional information .. I know baout what pulse jets are and have already made half a dozen of 'em and at the moment working over a remote controlled airplane propelled by a pulsejet, maybe two pulse-jets. But what I exactly wanted to know is that, will working over the pulse-jets is going to be a fruitful effort? Becoz someone told me that these are old and out of use these days so it wont gimme enough credit if I apply for my majors after two years from now on! This puts all my fire on a real low and I just dont feel like completing the unfinished projects! I dont know if to trust those people (who told me so) or not .. but whatever..its giving me a hard time!! Can anyone answer this query?
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