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Purchasing a Blackboard

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    This is a miscellaneous question. How does one go about purchasing a quality blackboard around 6 feet to 8 feet long for home use. What are some of the variables to consider when making such a purchase. For me, I much prefer blackboards to dry erase so that would not be one of the options to consider.
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    Surely there must be school supply companies on the internet that would be happy to sell you one. Shipping is likely to be a killer though.
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    Try office supply companies as well. I bet there are more installed in company meeting rooms than there are in academic institutions.
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    There is paint you can buy which drys as an effective blackboard. Far cheaper than purchasing a normal one, and you can turn an entire wall into a blackboard.
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    Ok oldhag, I sympathize with you. I even had one in my office at one time. Still though, . . . the dust. Yeah, the dust. Sure you dont' mind that dust huh? May I ask if you've already had a personal black board already and have adequately and successfully contended with the dust, and now, today, are wishing to get another black board -- or -- you've never had one and just like the idea and once you get one and experience the full experience of said dust, will wish you had made the decision to go dry?
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    There are entire school districts that are converting from blackboards to whiteboards. My wife and I have an entire kitchen counter and back-splashes that are populated by recycled blackboards, aside from a special corner that was covered with a slab of fossil-stone that we got from a friend. It's all stone, and it is easy to take care of.
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    Not to mention the chalk you'll have on your forehead when you inevitably bang your head against it in frustration.
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    I've worked with blackboards before and have no problem working the cleaning of dust into my general OCD routine. Probably will be the cleanest blackboard ever. Regarding whiteboards. I work with whiteboards at work and the markers are terrible once they are not at max moisture. I anticipate they will be continually purchasing tons and tons of dry erase markers in those school districts going with whiteboards. Not sure what kind of noxious chemicals the ink is made of but it turns to fine powder as well and can be more problematic than chalk when it gets on stuff.

    This blackboard will be for office number 2 in my home which will not have a computer since I believe too much computer time can rot/distract the brain - hence the second office for more focused study.
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