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Purely electric quantum tunneling fusion

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    Is it possible to acheive commercially viable nuclear fusion in purely electrostatic quantum tunneling way?What should be voltage of electrostatic field (no particles bombarment) to overcome Coloumb bareer and make tunneling fusion probable?
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    Check out inertial electrostatic confinement fusion on wikipedia. Works well enough to be used as a neutron source.
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    What other way is there? Fusion relies on quantum tunnelling to overcome the electrostatic repulsion.

    If you were meaning 'by the use of electric acceleration', then, as already mentioned, it is already used for fusion reactions in neutron generators, but is not 'viable' in that form due to scattering/thermalisation of the accelerated particles - only a statistically teeny number get to fuse, as it is a quantum, random process.

    Even if you were to work out some way to use electric fields to line up two nucleii so precisely that they came together at a completely direct collision, the probability they'd fuse is still extremely small and in the hands of quantum probability.
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