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Homework Help: Pushing wooden creat - Friction

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    Hi guys I always confuse on this question its all about force.

    for example

    Let say I am pushing a wooden creat across the floor at constant speed.and I decide to turn the creat on end,to reducing by half the area in the contact with the floor . .........so if i push the same creat acroos the same floor with the same constant speed ....Does the force equall or one half greater or what???

    I am thinking it will be equall because area doesnt affect force. in the other hand i am thinking it one half because the friction will be less i guess.

    I am just confuse??????
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    Re: problem

    In simple terms friction only depends on the normal force (weight) and the material of the two surfaces - it is independant of surface area (except for very small surface areas when you get direct welding).

    It is surprising to most people but it is true!
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