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Quantum QM textbooks

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    (Sorry for my bad English.) I've been reading severous QM textbooks that people say are good to learn QM: Sakurai, Shankar, Thankappan. I start reading and understand things in principle, but then I dont get anymore. The only book I think really helped me was QM by McIntyre but it goes not deep in the subject. So is it hard for one person self learn QM, are those books not good enough for self-learning or am I retarded? :cry:
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    We (the knowledgeable members, that is) are here not to judge the intellectual/comprehension abilities of people, we are here to provide alternative and hopefully clearer (where these exist) explanations to things people put down in textbooks. You say: „I start reading and understand things in principle, but then I dont get anymore”. This is vague, we cannot know which part from which book is left unclear to you. Is it the math, is it the wording, perhaps one author really makes a mistake (A doesn't follow from B, while the author says A follows from B), we don't know and couldn't know without your input. It is not the end of the world if you want to learn something by yourself, just make sure you ask the answerable questions.
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    I agree with dextercioby. Also try the susskid book and the susskind lectures
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    Yes, it can be very hard to self-learn anything. So don't feel bad. Persist and it will come naturally.

    What is your math and physics knowledge? Are you sure you meet the prereqs for QM?
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    I study physics at university. Here in my country it's commom to learn mathematics at first, then this year I'm getting calculus and linear algebra classes. But because I like physics so much, I started studying that topics about 1 year ago. So what I know from mathematics is all basic calculus and linear algebra and from physics I know the basics of all subjects. But I'd like to learn deeper about general relativity, quantum mechanics etc.
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    Where are you getting stuck?
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    Admirable ambition but I also want also underline a (famous) quote

    '' All things at its time ''

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