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Homework Help: Quantum commutators

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    I have a question where I need to calculate commutators, but I just need to check one detail of this.

    I need to work out [x,xp]

    What I need to check is the following:

    [x,xp] = xxp - xpx

    but does this then mean that I get (x^2 p - X^2 p)
    or (X^2 p - something else)??

    Sorry about the lack of formatting, but hopefully you'll get what I mean.

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    Assuming that you're talking one-dimension, is [x,p] = 0?
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    Doc Al

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    No. Since x & p do not commute, you cannot swap their order.
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    So, I'll need to work that part out literally in order ie xpx ?

    Thanks, I'll give it a go
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    P.S. Certain care with the ops x & p_x is needed.
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