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Quantum Computer advantages

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    Nothing?no answer from nobody?is alot of "fuss" on this topic...but I think is all somehow a thing that no one really understands...Is based on particle Superpositions...but was not yet proved as 100% real for our reallity...Are now 3 theorys about our Universe:Copenhagen Interpretation(only here the QC will work),Many-Worlds Interpretation and Pilot-Wave Interpretation...In wich one of them are we??and maybe is not even one of the 3 as we know....so??
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    I think you are asking too much of people. I think you are asking people to teach you about Quantum computing which requires an understanding of Quantum Mechanics. No one is going to be able to do that in a few posts on here. You are best to study and then ask specific questions about details you do not understand.

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    I don't want to be teached,I just want to know how Super Position will work on Quantum Computer if we can't actually prove Copenhagen Interpretation is 100& accurate,not even Einstein aproved this theory...
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    It's an interpretation, there is no proof. This is what I mean, you have many misconceptions and you need to study first.

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    Interpretations have nothing to do with what actually physically HAPPENS; the predictions of the theory and the actual math is the same in ALL interpretations. Hence, it does not matter which interpretation you prefer when designing a quantum computer.

    Also, note that quantum computers DO work; there are many research groups around the world that have had prototypes up and running for many years; the fact that these are too small to do anything useful does not change the fact that they demonstrate that the basic principle works just fine.

    BTW, there is no interpretation that says that "superposition does not exist" for the simple reason that superposition of states has been an integral part of all modern physics for a very long time (close to a 100 years), is extremely well established and is also part part of "everyday science" such as basic chemistry.
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    Yeah , the predictions of theory and actual mathematics are the same in all interpretations.
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    This forum (Computing and technology) is for actual hardware and software questions, so the thread is moved.
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