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Quantum Computer Dream PC

  1. Mar 16, 2017 #1
    Just for fun lets imagine a dream PQC (Personal Quantum Computer) from the future:

    - 4MQ Processer (4MQ = 4 Mega Qubits)
    - 1TB Time Crystal Memory
    - 2PB Atomic Storage Hard Drive (Peta Byte=1000TB)
    - 3D Quantum Dot Screen with built in Holographic Display
    - All in one Quantum Teleportation Fax + Quantum 3D printer + Quantum 3D scanner
    - 1Terra FPS Webcam
    - Quantum Cryptography Network card

    I wonder how many FPS I will get if I run "Far Cry Primal" on this :smile:
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    Time crystal are not particularly good for storing and recovering data.
    You will also need a processor (or an array of processors) that work with regular (non-quantum) bit.
    So how about 1TCores each with 1TBytes of local storage a 1THz cycle time operating with only 10Watts of power?
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