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Quantum Optics (too much?)

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    I had a discussion with a professor and it was suggested that I take Quantum Optics this coming fall. I already have a full course load with 3 physics classes (Electrodynamics, Modern Physics (general), and math for physicists) and one required course (comparative religions). It was suggested that it might make my undergrad research more understandable. I relayed the information that I have yet to take a "real" QM course, let alone Quantum Optics. "You should be alright." was the response. I dunno though, that seems like a big step. Does anyone have any experience or advice for me? Thanks.
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    Oh yeah, the 4 classes WITH undergrad research.
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    I've always followed professors in their advice and they have to be proven wrong yet. He knows the courseload and if he knows you I would follow his advice.
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    If you haven't taken QM before and currently taking Electrodynamics, I don't think it is a good idea at all to jump to a Quantum Optics course right now.

    It will be a rough and bumpy ride in my opinion and more of a negative experience.

    Also you said it yourself, it was suggested that it "MIGHT" make your undergrad research more understandable.
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    Thanks. That's my gut feeling as well. I want to take it but now isn't the time. Thanks for the push in the realistic direction.
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