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Homework Help: Question about electronics kit

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    I'm sure there is a very simple answer to this but I can't for the life of me find it. I have a kit with the following component:


    and I don't know what these are/do/where to mount them etc. They are just little brass pins about 1cm long. The details say "Pins - 0.9mm Pins and sockets for easy termination of wire on PCB boards.- Gold flashed".
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    They say what they are for: "easy termination of a wire on a PCB."
    That is to say you stick them in the holes drilled in a circuit board and solder them into the circuit. You can then say use alligator clips to attach external wires to the PCB to recharge the battery or to test the circuit or connect an external component such as a LED or speaker.

    In short they are electrical terminals (terminals terminate after all).
    James Baugh
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    Thanks heaps. I think they put them in the kit so I can solder the connecting wires to the board after I have mounted the board (ie can't get underneath it anymore).
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