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Question about gauge

  1. Jun 8, 2009 #1
    If I have a theory... some Lagrangian and I need to impose a gauge condition... what is more preferable

    1) The subject gauge naturally arises from the structure/type of the lagnagian
    (Like a Lorentz gauge that can automaticaly arise in Electrodynamics)

    2) Or I have just to impose it "rigidly" even if I cant get it from the theory.
    (suppose I added some terms to vector field lagrangian and can not get Lorentz gauge by taking divergence of equation of motion as used to do in conventional case, but I need some gauge to reduce degrees of freedom.... I if impose my Lorentz gauge "rigidly" will it be acceptable)

    If I am not cler with my question please tell me and I will try to be more clear
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