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Question about Milky Way ?

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    The Milky Way crosses through the constellations Cygnus, Cassiopeia, Perseus and Sagittarius, so what direction does the Milky Way appear to cut across the sky?

    What is the Milky Way? (Hoping to hear something other than the standard definition)

    Why does it appear thicker near Sagittarius?

    Thanks guys, appreciate it!

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    You do realize we cannot provide answers to homework questions. I am sure you have some ideas about them. What are your thoughts?
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    Yes I know, I was hoping to get a different perspective on these, because I have to really elaborate on them.

    I know from Sagittarius, the Milky Way appears to pass westward.

    Basic answer is the Milky way is our galaxy.

    I think because its thicker towards Sagittarius is because its closer to the middle of the milky way.

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    That's a little vague. You'll probably want to describe it from where to where and perhaps from what location on Earth.

    There are two meaning really.
    1] Yes. It is what we have named our galaxy.
    2] It is also the name of the band of brightness that passes across our sky (i.e. before we knew it was a galaxy)

    Indeed, the galactic core is in the direction of Sag.

    Wiki has some excellent information on all of this.
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    How would I do that? Would I have to took at a local sky chart?

    Thanks for the replies BTW!
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    That would be good, yep.
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