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Question about Physics Teachers/Professors

  1. Mar 15, 2014 #1
    I love Physics and I am planning on majoring in Physics and obtaining my PHD. But just in case I don't manage to obtain my PHD I was considering teaching at the High School level someday. But I don't know anything about how I would go about teaching at the high school level. I don't know the certification process and all that other stuff that is involved. Can someone explain how someone goes about getting certified to teach, in Physics of course. Thanks
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    the process varies from state to state.
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    The details depend on which country you're in, and if it's the USA, on which state you're in. If you're still in high school, ask your physics teacher how he/she got certified. If you're in the USA, try a Google search on something like "secondary education certification statename".
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    Sorry for the wrong use of wording. I know there are different requirements for each state, but what I meant to say was, is there any type of classes that you have to take while at college, like minoring in education or something like that.
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    And this depends on your state (in the US) or country.
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