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Question about the sign of output voltage in clipper circuits

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    I have attached an image of a clipper circuit below.

    First Question: When the sinusoidal input is positive or negative, how do i know how to label it in the

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    This picture tells all you need to know about AC current


    Any more questions?

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    sorry for the post, it isn't complete, i was interrupted by my classmates while typing.
    Here's the continuation:
    What I'm actually trying to ask is how do i label the positive and negative signs. I can't express myself clearly in English so i'll just give the situation: My professor labels the upper terminal in the input side as + and the lower terminal as - when the input voltage is positive and when the input is negative, the positive and negative signs are reversed. how do i know how to label the terminals when the input is positive or negative. I'm confused because, if i flip over the circuit, doing the opposite is also valid.....
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    Just to clarify my question: Vin in the image I've given is positive and my professor has labelled the upper terminal in the input as + and the lower labelled as -. When the input is negative the + sign goes down and the - sign goes up.
    Is it not possible that the when Vin is positive, the upper terminal is - and the lower is +.
    If i flip the circuit backwards, this is the result.
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    Assume that the input is DC instead of AC.
    If the input is +20V what is the output?
    If the input is -20V what is the output?
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