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Question about traveling in the future

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    Einstein found out that the faster you move trough space, the slower time goes. So if you travel very fast trough space, then 1 hour for you, could be many years on earth.

    So let's say you travel very fast, and therfore goes 50 years into the future. Then you are landing on earth 50 years into the future. Will you then be able to say hello to your mother who have become 50 years older? And would you be able to say hello to yourself as 50 years older?

    If so, does this mean that the future already exist today, but time on earth haven't come that far yet?
    (or am I very wrong now? :P )
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    Correct - although there's nothing special about space, any travel does this. If you fly transatlantic and back you will be a tiny fraction of a second less old than if you had stayed at home

    No - think about it !!!
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    You can talk to yourself as 1 hour older...but don't let the Psychiatrists see you...XD
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    Yeah, that couldn't be right :P I would only be an hour older.

    But I saw a video about a man who was fixing his shrink, and as he went longer inn to screw, he suddenly was at a beach. There he claimed to have met himself as 50 years older. So he could stand there and talk and shake hands with himself.

    Don't know if he speaks the truth or not, but could this realy be posible?

    here is a link to the video a saw:
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