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Question concerning polarisation

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    In a textbook on wireless communications that Im reading, the author states that transmissions from a vertically polarised antenna will undergo interactions which would cause energy to leak into the orthogonal polarisation component (Im assuming the H-field of an EM wave) before reaching the receiver (and vice versa).

    My question is, what kind of scenarios in the physical world are likely to cause a vertically polarised antenna to leak energy into the horizontal polarisation component. Likewise, what would cause a horizontally polarised antenna to emit energy into it vertical polarisation component ?

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    Andy Resnick

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    Any scattering process (e.g. from buildings), where the incident polarization state can then be decomposed into an s- and p-polarized state.
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    Faraday rotation of radio waves in the ionosphere, combined with the Earth's magnetic field, can rotate the polarization of a radio wave.
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