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I Question ιn Physics about moving magnets?

  1. Mar 3, 2016 #1


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    Hi, today i had exams in Physics and my Professor as an extra points question was asking the following question.

    We have 2 magnets, one is named Alpha with dimensions 100 cm length, 70 cm width and 2 cm thickness (100x70x2) and the other one is named Omega (200x100x5).

    Alpha is moving towards Omega with a velocity (u) of 100 km/hour and Omega is steady on the ground (u=0).
    If Alpha which is moving, meet Omega which is steady on the ground, whould be possible Omega reduce the Velocity or even stop emmediately the moving of the magnet Alpha?

    If yes why, and if not why...

    Assume that the distance of the two surfaces when they meet (axisymmetric) will be 5 cm and also that are parallel to each other. The pole of Alpha is + and Omega - (or upside down, i think it does not matter).

    Does anyone know the answer, is there any mathematical formula that i can use to find if Alpha will stop or not?

    I would apprieciate if you could explain what is going on with this questio as no one of my friends knows the answer...

    Thank you in Advance
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    hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:

    This useless info as it tells us nothing about the strength of the individual magnets
    and that is why the specifics of the following cannot be answered .....

    reduce the velocity, yes if the poles are the same ... there will be a repulsion

    the orientation of the magnets IS important .....

    what do you know about magnets and how they behave in the presence of other magnets ?

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    Hi, thanks for your answer Dave,

    I do not think that i remember or know further details, but let's assume that we can find everything that we need (i.e. mass, strength of the magnetic field) would be possible if the poles was the same, to stop emmediatelly the magnet Alpha? If yes how? if no why? is any Mathematical formula that i can "change" the numbers and see if this is possible?

    Thank you for your observations.
    Kind regards

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