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Question on black hole

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    please calrify this doubt for me guys..........

    is there any possibility for a human being becoming a black hole....(theoretically of course)..........
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    Well, in theory, if you take a 200kg human being, and compress him so that he fits into a sphere of radius [itex]\approx[/itex]1.5e-25 meters (this is the Schwarzschild radius for a 200kg object), he should, in theory, form a black hole.

    For comparison, the usual figure given for the "size" of a proton is about 1e-15 meters,


    so you're talking about compressing a human being down to a size that's ten orders of magnitude smaller than a proton. So the pressure required is going to have to crush not only the human, but his nuclei and even his protons. AFAIK this is totally impractical, but not theoretically impossible. It would be a state of matter much denser than the neutron degenerate matter on a neutron star, however. I believe this would be known as quark degenerate matter.

    Note that this process will undoubtedly kill the human.

    Another issue is that such a small black hole would, according to quantum mechanics, have a very small lifetime. (I get about 3e-11 seconds, using the formula from http://nrumiano.free.fr/Estars/bh_thermo.html)
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