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Question on Neural network transplant ?

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    Hello I'm new here as you can tell by my username and I had a question on some research I'm doing. Now it is common knowledge that brain cells and even whole neural network can be transplanted. But my question is on the neural networks. Like for example I was reading that sxuality is determined by the nerual cofiguration of the cerebral cortex so if you transplanted the network of the donor into the host they would get the donor's sexuality ?
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    Can you provide a link to the peer reviewed research claiming that sexuality is (entirely) determined by the cerebral cortex?

    Given it were true, transplanting the whole cerebral cortex is quite a medical feat. And its doubtful that connecting it to a new host will have a 1:1 input output. Nobody is wired the exact same way. It could lead to major processing conflicts merging two large chunks of brain matter that developed and self-organized separately from each other.
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    What would be the effects ?
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    Also what would happen in mind uploading with your sexuality would that be changed or left out ?
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    I don't see any indication that the web article you posted is peer-reviewed, or based on peer-reviewed research. We require claims to be backed up by such here at physicforums.

    Also, there is no such thing as mind uploading, so we can only speculate, and such blatant speculation is equally not allowed on the boards.

    Instead, you may consider starting a new thread. Go back, erase your assumptions, and start over with the question: "what neural correlates are associated with sexual orientation?"
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    This is good advice. Newuser123 please familiarise yourself with the rules of the site, once you have done so and done some reading of peer-reviewed material feel free to start a separate thread for any questions you may have.
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