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Question on Newton second's law

  1. Oct 11, 2008 #1

    This is my first post on the forum, I hope that I will get an answer for my question as soon as possible. :rolleyes:


    Thanks in advance
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    Well, what have you done so far? :smile:
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    Did you understand my question ?
    because it is translated and my english is not good enough .

    My try:
    Total Mass = 48 kg ==> 480 Newtons

    a = 4.79 m/s^2

    F = 32(10-4.79) = 166 newtons

    I know it is wrong but after I read the sticky topic I saw that I should put my try

    help me please
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    There is another force acting on the boy+seat which you are not accounting for. Look at the picture carefully to see what that might be.

    Also, be careful about direction (upward or downward) and +/- signs. I suggest using + for the upward direction, and - for downward direction.
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    I couldn't find the third foce :cry:
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    In addition to the downward force of weight (gravity):

    One end of the rope is attached to the scale, pulling upward.

    The other end of the rope is attached to the boy+board.
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    Doc Al

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    In your FBD for the board: You have the force "b" acting upward, but the boy exerts a downward force on the board.

    In your FBD for the boy: Again, the direction of force "b" is backward. The board pushes up on the boy. Also, you neglected the force on the boy due to the rope he's holding.
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    Thank PF members especially Doc Al

    I solved it and I checked the answer from the final answer that is provided under the question and it is correct
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