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B Question regarding Faraday's law on induction

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    The law states:

    So, what if the change is flux changes are proportionately equal parts of opposite polarities? Suppose you approach a coil with two magnets on either side of the coil, each set to repel each other's north or south faces; the flux increases, but in equal parts opposite polarity. What happens exactly?
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    If the two magnets repel each others N or S poles, then they are the same polarity and the flux in the centre will be zero. If they are opposite, N and S, then the flux will increase as they are brought closer and an EMF will be observed.
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    So what you're saying is that it's not enough that the flux increase, but that the flux increase must share a common polarity, and if they don't, they cancel as if there was no flux increase at all?
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