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Question Regarding the Distributed Capacitance of a Winding

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    First, take the case of a winding with a regular capacitor connected to both terminals of the winding. When a moving magnetic field induces a voltage therein, the cap becomes charged and a current flows in the conductor while cap is charging, producing a magnetic field.
    Next, take the case of a winding with the ends not connected, an open circuit. When a moving magnetic field induces a voltage in the open winding, will this induced voltage result in the charging of the distributed capacitance within the winding, or must the winding leads be shorted (closed circuit) in order to charge the distributed capacitance?
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    Think about it for a couple minutes.
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    Thanks for the inspiration Bystander. Even though distributed capacitance is spread out over the entire winding it still must be regarded the same as a discrete cap in that to store energy into the cap work must still be done which means voltage times current.
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