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Complaint Questioning about banned

  1. Dec 24, 2013 #1
    hey i want to make clear. this is because the stupid rule or just stupid admin

    here is the story,
    i made my 1st ID probably 2 years ago.. im not much using that ID.. my post just below 10

    so few week ago, when i want to talk in this forum again.. i forgot my 1st ID name, and the password.

    so i made my 2nd ID here. but with same email.. i did not realize this (using the same email) until i got banned because that reason.

    oh well that is oke i think.. im not complaining about that.. maybe this forum want to limited they member, they dont want people to make clone in here.. and that reasonable, same email many ID wont be allowed.

    because my 1st ID and 2nd ID got banned, how i can post??
    i dont have any ID.. so i made 3rd ID in here ..but with different email address

    and the funny is my 3rd ID got banned to..

    for what reason?????? this i want to make clarification..
    just because they know my IP ADDRESS and link to my "fault" in the past.. so they wont allow i have ID in here??

    come on man.. even you dont have evidence that i spammed & junk in here!!
    my total post for that 3 ID just bellow 20!!!

    what a really smart rules..
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    What was 'stupid' was your action.

    If you had forgotten your login, you should have contacted the Admin instead of creating a new account. Our rules clearly stated that only one account for one member, and when you created a second account without informing the Admin, did you expect us to be able to read your mind to know why you did so? Naturally, we see two accounts for one member and that you had violated our rules!

    This could have been cleared up quite easily had you think just a little bit and did the right actions, rather than complaining on here.

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    Vanadium 50

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    Before you riff on "poor, poor, pitiful me", we know that you have used more than 3 IDs. So your story is not completely true. Furthermore, there have been behavioral problems in posts from several IDs. As Zz said, you had the chance to do the right thing. Multiple chances.
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