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Questions about monopoles

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    Hi All
    I have some questions about monopoles, I would be grateful if someone help me in answering them.
    1-Does all GUTs gauge groups simple and semi simple suffer from the monopoles problem?
    2- If semi simple groups suffer from the above problem why standard Model doesn't produce monoples although there will be U(1) electromagnetic group when spontanous breaking happens?
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    many of them do.

    It does! Well, EWSB won't since there's a U(1) hypercharge, but for example, SU(5) GUT theories should produce monopoles. In fact, this was the original motivation for inflation - to push them all out of causal contact with us.
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    It should be that nonperturbative physics in many gauge theories already include these objects, for instance in various supersymmetric field theories and others. So they are far from just being a signature of GUT physics perse.
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