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Questions for a electrical engineer sub. power

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    I am curently working in the oilfeild and want to go back to school to pursue engineering. I havent quite decided what type but electrical sub power seems interesting but i cant find enough info on day to day work or types of jobs that the field consists of. I am upgradeing from being out of school for too long and need some other courses.

    I could use some good sites to reserch info.

    And iam curious on some good ways to go about getting into the industry such as placement, your struggles in school/field,satisfied with your place or maybe things you would have done differently.

    The reason i have posted this forum is many sites seem unhelpful/incomplete and a first hand view of someone who has lived and is going through it would be great help. Thanks
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    Electrical subsea power is a very niche market and only a couple of companies come to mind that are doing any R&D work in that area.

    IIRC, ABB is one of them.

    That being said, if you are interested in engineering as a career you would find it easier to get a job with a BSEE with power concentration. Then you can try and work for a manufacturer such as ABB to learn about subsea power. It's not currently taught in any other engineering programs I'm aware of. Plus you can always work outside of the oil & gas industry as a power engineer.

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