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Electronics engineering or electrical engineering

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    Hi everyone,
    I am an italian student (last year of high school) who would like to study engineering at university. I don't know which one to choose between electronics engineering or electrical engineering (I don't know whether there is this difference abroad)
    I just want to say something first: my aim is to go work abroad (USA) as Italy doesn't offer much in this field.
    So, my question is: does USA require more electronics engineers than electrical ones?Or viceversa?
    Who earns more? (please don't tell me this is not important)
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    I would nominate Electrical Engineering.
    Electronics changes continuously and so attract young graduates for short periods.
    But electrical equipment and power distribution is essential and changes only slowly.

    As an Electrical Engineer you can work world-wide in many industries.
    That is where the money is.
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