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Questions on genetic engineering

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    If I were to go into genetic engineering, college, intern, work in the field, whatever it would take, at the rate of the current advancement of the field, do you think it would ever be possible for me to genetically engineer an army of never aging kittens engineered for global conquest to take over the world. I mean, I assume that if I could figure out genetic coding a bit more, that perhaps it would be possible to evolve a species by thousands and millions of generations. Man hasn't had the ability for proper speach for most of man's ancestrial history, and I don't think man has ever been as cute as kittens, and so I favor a kitten army. Anyway, I'm also told by a lot of religious folk that in the beginning, man's DNA was pure and so man lived for much longer and never got sick or anything like that, so my next question is, do you think it is more benificial to try and remove DNA defects trying to return DNA to a more "pure" form, or is it a better goal to try and alter DNA to try and develope improved vision, gills, wings, and the like?
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    i doubt that the religious people are giving accurate scientific statements/info etc
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