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Homework Help: Quick triangles question

  1. Jul 25, 2012 #1
    A Right-Angled Triangle has area Acm^2 and perimeter Pcm. A side other than the hypotenuse has length has length xcm. Form a quadratic equation in x in each of the following cases:
    a) a=6 p=12

    let the other side be y, and the hypotenuse be h

    x + y + h = 12
    0.5*y*x = 6, y= 12/x
    x + 12/x + h = 12
    x^2 + x(h-12) + 12 = 0

    is there anyway to find an expression for h while keeping a quadratic equation in x? I mean I could use pythagoras but h^2 = 144/x^2 + x^2 will turn into a quartic equation no?
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    Might not. If you do the algebra, the quartic and cubic terms might cancel. In fact, I think they do.
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    cheers, it does, my fault for being lazy.
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